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Travel Binders

This past September my family took a road trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Since we live in south Texas, it was a bit of a drive.  Later this year we are going on another road trip to California (I love that we homeschool and can take trips on our own schedule).  Keeping 5 small children occupied in the car for long periods can be challenging.  I’ve written before about car travel and how we have backpacks, snacks, movies, and car games.  For the trip this past September I decided to step up the car activities a notch.


Everyone got their favorite color.


Activity sheets and pencil bags

During the back-to-school sales, I stocked up on binders, spiral notebooks, colored pencils, and pencil cases.  Each of the 4 older children got a binder and matching colored pencil bag.  Inside the pencil bag was several pencils with erasers, a set of of colored pencils, and apencil sharpener.  Crayons melt too easily in the Texas heat, so no crayons were included.

The front pocket of the binder had a list of suggested games such as I Spy, the Alphabet Game, and Roadtrip Bingo.  A simple Google search for car games gave me plenty of suggestions.  Next came the pencil bag, then spiral notebook.  I then printed out sheets Roadtrip Bingo game cards, tic-tac-toe boards, dot game boards, a list of the 50 states for the license plate game, car scavenger hunt, and (for the older boys) a paper Battleship game.  The back section of the binder had coloring books and pages.


Overall I’d say they were a big hit with the kids.  They were certainly occupied and the restlessness was kept to a minimum.  I’m definitely going to refresh these binders for our next trip.